Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello Neglected Blog...

The Red Velvet cupcake that broke me. hehe
by Queen Sin's Cupcakes
So, I originally slipped out of BLOGdom when I started working full-time outside the home.  This really got my schedule out of whack at first!
As I started my new job, I was warned that the goodies and treats would be abundant during the season as people loved to bring in donuts, bagels, breakfast and the like to share.  I was not worried about it. You see, once I'm on a roll -  Nothing and no one was going to deter me from my goal.

I did very well for a while.  I avoided MOST treats that were brought in.  I did make an exception when some gourmet cupcakes were won by our office.  Even that was planned as a "cheat" and I kept going.  It was some time at the beginning of December where things started to get out of control.

I was working so many hours including over-time during the week and Saturdays too.  The thing that broke me?  NOT baked holiday goodies.  Not birthday celebrations.  It was the lack of planning.  Not getting out to the grocery store to buy the necessary things that I needed to stay on track. Seriously.  I started buying lunch from the lunch truck or taking whatever convenient thing I had on hand and then coming home late and buying take-out for dinner and on and on...

Next thing you know - out of control.  So I figured I'd ride that wave and start fresh with the new year 'cause why pull it together during Christmas and miss out on anything there?  I had family visiting.  We had some serious eating to do!

The weight slowly crept back and I started feeling blah again.  January came and went and I still did nothing. Here comes February.  Didn't even TRY.  So somewhere in the middle of February, my friend Desiree invites me to attend the gym with her on Fridays as her guest - we have Fridays off and thought it would be fun to do this together.  Guess what? I liked it - a lot.  Went on Fridays, but still didn't really change my eating.  Toward the end of the month, I knew I really needed to get my crap together.

Marco and I have both joined that gym now, and we can go as often as we like.  I need to get on a regular schedule and stick with it, but alas, we are enslaved to our crazy work/school/home activities and sadly - the gym is not as enticing when it is 8:30 pm.  But we go. And we will keep going.

So hopefully, I can make time to update here like I wanted to in the first place.  It really did help me to be accountable - even if it's just to a computer screen.  I guilt myself enough that it works.

I stopped drinking soda almost a month ago.  Just stopped cold turkey.  Trying not to drink anything with artificial sweetener as well.  Not super easy, but I just end up drinking water.  Nothing wrong with that.

Monday (the 17th), I started back on track with the eating.  Was gone two weekends in a row for a scrapbooking retreat and then to visit the grandmother.  Felt gross by Sunday night and that was all it took.

Thanks for reading this so far...  whoever you are.