Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My First WOD

The very first time I did a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) was October 24, 2014.  It was the day before my amazing cousin Erin's wedding.  She is the owner of Crossfit Center City in Philadelphia. They had a Wedding WOD.  I don't remember what I did, but I do know that it was hard and I lived. I was so very sore the next day (and the day after) and I liked it!

The awesome people and Maddox (fur person) that were there when I did my first WOD

This was the actual prescribed WOD taken from the archives of their site:

MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll/lax ball any tight spots for 2-3 minutes, Lax ball calves 1 minute/side, 30ft Spiderman Lunge + OH Reach, 30ft over the fence/under the fence, 30ft Lateral Lunge, 30ft Crab Walk Forward
A1. Weighted Step Ups x 6-8 reps/leg (20/16″), x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A2. Ring Rows x 8-10 reps @ 2111, x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A3. Side Plank x 30 seconds/side, x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
3 Rounds
60ft SA Front Rack DB Walking Lunges (45/20lb)
10 Alternating DB Power Snatch (45/20lb)
30 Sit Ups
Of course, I did a VERY modified version of this with mostly instruction from a great coach named Emily, but I did something!!
Since that time, I've been dying to get into a Crossfit gym.  It's taken us a while, but in addition to changing our eating habits, I knew we had to do more physically than what we were doing (hardly doing) at Planet Fitness.  I'm not knocking the place, but let's face it. Most people walk around gyms like that and have no idea what they are doing.  Seriously. Or maybe it was just me???...
Anyway, after much debate, we decided we would make some adjustments to our already over-stretched budget and make a way to go to Crossfit. 
Since then - April 27th - we've been going faithfully and I love/hate it.  I love it because I feel strong and I know that I am pushing myself.  I love that you get a sense of community there. Even though I don't know everybody there, I am starting to see the same people and meeting them. They have all been so encouraging.
A huge part of this is keeping track of your WODs and trying to improve your scores as you progress. I thought I might as well keep it all here in one spot!  So this is mostly for me - as a way to keep record of what I've done and what I want to do.  

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