Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cheat Day...

Before you judge me...
I just have to say that I HAD to.  Yeah, that's it. I HAD to.  
You see, Marco and I completed our 21 Day Challenge and it was actually
my 42nd day of eating primal.  
When I asked Marco if he was interested in doing the 21 Day Challenge, 
I told him I'd take a cheat day with him at the end of it. 
So here we are.  Cheating. Bwahahaha!
Also, I feel like I needed to see if it would be worth it and to see if my 
body would react any differently to going off of primal eating.
This is what we had.
Pho and Shrimp Spring Rolls.
It was SO good.  I didn't think it would be too bad because 
the noodles and spring roll wrappers are made of rice.  lol  No gluten. hehe
Anyway, Marco and I both waited to see if we felt anything different.  
So far, not too bad.  I was burping quite a bit, but then again, 
I was doing a lot of working and cleaning right after lunch.

Later in the evening, we both had a turkey sandwich on an Everything Bagel  
(gluten in that for sure) and a bowl of Navy Bean soup from Trader Joes.

I can't say that I feel anything too different right now, 
except that I don't feel as good as I did
yesterday.  I can see how I'd start feeling bloated 
and sleepy again right away if I continued back into 
eating like this... so that's not good.  

I am not currently planning one, but if I do have another "cheat day", 
it won't be for a good, long while.

Obviously, this blog is not science based, nor am I a nutritionist of any
kind.  I can however, tell you how I feel and how food affects me.

So tomorrow - I am ready to be right back on track.  I'm actually looking
forward to it too.  Glad we didn't go crazy today.  I could have done so 
much more damage (in the past I would have), but I didn't even want to go
that far.  That's saying something for this "food addict". 

How about you?  Do you ever take a "cheat day"?  What do you crave most?
Do you plan it out?  Is it hard for you to get back on track? 
Please share your thoughts in the comments section!! I want to know. =)


  1. I still can't get back on track lol. since i'm nursing all the time I am STARVING!!! but because i'm tired I don't want to cook anything just for me and I end up eating junk. : /

    1. You may want to read this article: Very interesting. You have to eat healthy or it will wipe you out. The healthier you eat, the more satisfied you'll be.


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