Friday, September 13, 2013

Coconut Chicken aka OMGCHICKEN!

I have found that it's really important for me to pay attention to my body when it comes to food.
Since I am pretty sure that I have a food addiction, I have to be very mindful of what I am
eating, when I am eating it and why I am eating it.

You may think this sounds silly, but if you've ever tried to lose weight or cut out certain foods from your diet, you might understand.

Sometimes I will think I'm hungry, so I'll get up and start looking in the fridge or pantry... and all of a sudden, I realize - I'm not hungry at all.  I don't even know what I'm doing there in front of the fridge!!
Has that ever happened to you?  Or you see some food out and you start munchin down on it without thinking?  Like maybe after you've eaten dinner and there's left-overs or someone brought in donuts and you just migrate over like nom, nom, nom!!

Quit it already!! *Yelling at myself* haha.

So, here I am today.  Home by myself and I'm hungry.  I had 1 soft boiled egg with some deli turkey for "breakfast".  I wasn't really hungry, but knew I should get some protein in me.
So lunch just rolled around and I've been doing some work around the house.  I stop and inspect the fridge.  Hmmm...  There's some uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast from last night.  I was going to make a salad with it...

Switch it up!! Just remembered an idea I had and was excited to try it.  I recently bought some Coconut Flour and unsweetened coconut flakes.  I love coconut shrimp, but find that the sweetness of the coconut is not something I like as much.  But how about this? It's unsweetened!
So I cut the one breast into really thin slices.  I seasoned it with my favorites: sea salt, garlic, and pepper.  I beat one egg and set up a little station with my coconut flour and coconut flakes.
A little coconut oil in a hot pan?  Sure, why not!?
Dip thin cutlet in flour, then egg, then flakes.
Add to hot pan.
Only needed 2 or 3 minutes per side.  Whoops. First few pieces cooked really fast and got dark!
That's okay!!
Made a little side salad of mixed cabbage slaw (just a little bit of ranch dressing on the side) with some fresh tomato and there.  Beautiful meal.
Coconut Chicken
The chicken was SO good.  Very slight coconut flavor to the mild chicken, light crunch to the "breading" and lots of flavor from the seasoning.  I ate what was probably only half the breast and I was full.
So I STOPPED.  I could have and usually would have eaten the whole thing - after all, it's just one chicken breast - but I didn't.  That right there is progress!!

If you want to read more about coconut flour, I found a good article right here on Mark's Daily Apple.  He's got some great recipes too.

Have you tried using coconut flour or coconut products?  What's your opinion?


  1. We've used coconut flour. It takes a lot moisture. I prefer Almond Meal. I don't love coconut honestly. Its okay. but the sweet flavor isn't my favorite with hot meals. Keep it up!

    1. We love almond meal too. This didn't seem to dry it out at all and not too much sweetness. I will be counting on the sweetness factor to kick in when I try the "pancakes". hehe!


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