Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emotional/Stress eating...

I remember reading a quiz type thing in a magazine once where you could answer the questions and determine whether you had a food addiction or not...
One of the questions were, "Are you an emotional eater?"
Well, goodness. I don't know, I thought.  I eat when I'm happy, when I'm sad, nervous, when I'm upset, ...
You get the idea.  Any and every emotion warrants a good reason to eat as far as I was concerned.
So I answered, YES.

Well, although I have been physically feeling better, it just hit me after I had a tearful meltdown today, that I've been in a slump these last few days.  I may be slightly depressed.
Okay. The doctor flat out told me that I was depressed. Pfft. What does he know?
You see, I never thought I had a problem with depression because I've seen depressed people.
They are a sad case.  I'm not like that. I've got it together. Silver lining and all that good stuff.
Alright. Maybe my depression looks a little different from others and that's a whole other issue
that I'm dealing with - but here's the thing - today, I am feeling down.
Now, please - you do not need to text or call or whatever,
because frankly, I will probably deny this whole post and say I'm all better and Isssssokaayy...
but, I started to eyeball that cake I mentioned in the previous post.
You know, the moist red velvet bunt cake that's on my counter?  Oh, yes - THIS ONE! Yikes!

I promptly made some bacon and eggs and had some coffee with some sugar-free pumpkin spice creamer.
Obviously, the creamer is a huge NO as far as being primal or paleo, I know that.
Stop looking at me. It's my one thing - okay and an occasional diet soda. I know, it's poison. Anyway...
And then my thoughts started wandering to that package of ramen noodles that's in the pantry...
Then it hit me.  I am in a slump and I am starting to want stuff that, FIRST OF ALL is just crap and second of all I don't even normally like.
I had to get a hold of myself.  I started thinking about how I felt and how normally, I would have gone ahead and had the cake and then made the ramen and who knows where I would have gone from there?
That grossed me out.  I didn't want that junk.
So I am going to do the stair running I had planned, then jump in the shower and put on makeup and finish writing out the final details for Naomi's little get-together with her friends.  Then I am going to be in my art room making some orders that came in. Stay busy. Stay active. Do something pleasant.

I am an emotional eater. Once the junk is gone, it will not return to this house - so temptation shouldn't be a problem.  Glad though, that I STOPPED and thought about what I was about to do.  I actually pictured myself eating all of that and then imagined how I would feel afterward. Nope. Not worth it.

Crisis averted THIS TIME.  Are you an emotional eater? Do you give in to it? How do you fight it? Let me know!


  1. so is this a post saying "esther don't call me"? LOL Other than coming to reality about being depressed how did you do with your weight? What else did the Doc tell you? What about your thyroid?

  2. Yes Sherry, I am also an emotional eater. Unlike Lance who can't eat when stressed or upset! anyway, my cravings for sweets, dairy, bread, etc. have been kept at bay the past 3 months, and hopefully onward, and I have lost 20 lbs. My knee was bothering me a lot, I knew less weight on it might help keep the small amount of arthritis in it at that level for some years to come, I would like to be able to walk all day like I used to - not just 20 minutes lol! So the healthy eating (no sugar, dairy - though I do a little low fat now -processed foods, bread - except Ezekiel - and no coffee commenced. Plus a program of Advocare vitamins and supplements from Shawn and Rachel - but I am not here to promote that even though it works for the three of us. My metabolism functions better, my cravings and hunger are under control. Well I just had surgery for the stupid knee as it turns out I'd torn my meniscus on both sides of the left knee, but during that lack of much exercise period I still lost the weight. Getting back to exercising soon I hope to jumpstart more loss. For me, picturing my future with less mobility, more health problems, etc, motivates me the most. "No food tastes as good as healthy feels." And there is a lot of food that tastes REALLY good!! I could never do the paleo thing, not that big on meat - I do almond butter, almonds, salads with hard boiled eggs, salmon, etc a lot. I feel for you having to cook a good meal for your family while trying to cut back yourself. I no longer have to do that (actually Lance did most of it anyway!) - he lets me just determine whatever I plan to eat and he does the same. We only eat the same thing when I determine it fits my plan! BTW I've taken a statin for years - I suspect I may not need it now, but my doctor freaks out if I try to stop! One of these days I will and get tested to show her I'm okay, if I am... So don't start it unless you cannot keep it down with diet. I inherited the problem and diet isn't the whole issue for me and my mom. Sorry to run so long, but I TOTALLY feel your 'pain' and wish you the best. I'll keep reading, miss you all, Aunt Jean


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