Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 18 | Not that I'm counting...

So, I am actually 18 days into this "journey".
I write that in quotes because it's so overused these days, don't you think?
Everyone's on some kind of journey.
Well, it's true though.
This is a definite journey.

Google defines journey as 
1. an act of traveling from one place to another and also as a long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

Whoa! Do you see that?  The word PROCESS??  
So I guess this isn't going to happen overnight?
Okay. I can dig it.

As, I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself with a vocabulary lecture,
I have been on this journey for 18 days now.
I started the day my kids went back to school.
I like starting things on a Monday, or the first of the year,
or the first day of fall, the first of something - know what I mean?
I like new beginnings.
So, the best thing about August 26, 2013, was not only was it a Monday,
but it was the first day of school.
Those that know me, know that I struggled even with that because
it was the last week of the month.  Ick.
Should I wait until September 1st??? It's on a Sunday...
No. This can't wait another week!! So, I started that morning.

I chose to go back to a way of eating that I've tried a couple times
before. It's called PALEO.
I'm not going to take the time here to get into all the details of Paleo,
because like I said, I'm mainly talking to myself here and I already
know what it is.
But just in case you stumbled upon this humble blog from out there
in cyberspace, you can just click on the link and see what's up.

I am probably not a good example of "doing it all right" because
I am learning as I go and I am also doing only what I can do right now.
Eating Paleo (and hoping to make it a lifestyle) can be expensive.  So, I
cut corners where I can, without compromising the point of eating this way,
wherever I need to.
Paleo diet basically is this:
Good: Fruits, Veggies, Meats, Seafood, Nuts & Seeds, and Healthy Fats
Not Good: Dairy, Grains, Processed Foods & Sugars, Legumes, Starches, and Alcohol

There are some exceptions, but that is the basic list.  I have not entirely cut out all dairy.  I still enjoy some sour cream and cheeses once in a while.
It's also stressed that you should be eating grass fed, no hormone, organic, caught wild, as much as possible. That's great and I agree - but it's just not physically possible for me to do that with everything, so I do the best I can and always choose the best quality when possible.

I know that the changes I've made so far have been for the better, but I have some other goals set too.

My next post will tell you what my "itinerary" or plan will be for this journey.
It's not just about food.  This whole journey is about redefining ME.

I am ready.  Are you ready?

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  1. nope. i'm not ready. i wish i was ready but i'm not. lol


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