Thursday, March 12, 2015

Whole 30 | Planning | Day 3

Just sharing this 'cause it totally made me smile.  Such a sensitive issue. 

As I type this, it is actually Day 4.  I am giving myself the freedom to post whatever and whenever as long as I am consistently updating.  I just don't want to go into a panic if I don't get a chance to post each day.  My laptop has been quite sketchy lately and sometimes I can only get online via my phone.

These were my meals for DAY 3.  
Meal 1: Hard-boiled eggs and blueberries.  I put a little mustard on my eggs. Yum-o!
Meal 2: Thin pork chop (I made several of these on Monday), left-over green beans and raw sweet peppers. Totally filling.
Meal 3: Boneless Pork Loin, ROASTED brussels sprouts and a couple baby white potatoes, sauteed green beans and mushrooms.  STUFFED!!

Exercise: Had some drama with Marco's truck at the gym.  Thought we were going to have to leave without working out, but luckily he said we would do our workout and then get Hannah to pick us up. Yay!  
I am so thankful that I have a cousin that totally knows the ins and outs of fitness.  I asked her to give me some direction on what I could do at my chain gym without a trainer or anything there.  I won't mention the gym name because, honestly, I don't like it very much at all.  
Anyway, she gave me some training I could do along with tons of great links for direction.  She asked that I video anything I could so that she could look at my form and make sure I'm doing it right. After all, it needs to be beneficial AND safe, right? I'm no spring chicken!! ha!
I was very embarrassed to be doing anything that didn't seem to be the "norm" there at this gym. 
Norm being mindless treadmill/elliptical time while chatting or surfing on the phone or wandering from machine to machine doing WHO KNOWS WHAT???!
Now, I know that I shouldn't judge, but you see a lot of that.  There are people that go and totally have a plan and know what they are doing.  I never did, so I stuck to the basics.  
Oh, well. I did it anyway.  And even tougher for me was to ask my husband to video tape it.  I just avoided all eye-contact and kept going.  A lot of it yesterday was learning.  We would stop and watch the video again or stop it at a certain spot to make sure we were positioned right.  I felt good!!
Then I watched some of the clips.
The next feeling that set in - shame.  I know, I know.  I shouldn't feel that way.  I'm trying.  But I couldn't help it.  You know how you (that are aging) might think you look a certain way when you're doing something but the reality is completely different?  Like the memes of the runners or zumba dancers?  Yeah.  Saw that.  Was horrified.  Saw me doing stretches and moving not thinking about holding in my stomach or forcing a certain posture to appear NOT AS FAT, but yeah...  How did I get to this point? How'd I let it get this bad?
So there it is.  I felt short and stumpy and roly poly. 

Lucky for me, I'm not one to stay down for too long.  It's hard though, yeah?

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