Monday, March 9, 2015

Whole 30|Black Coffee|Day 1

Today is Day 1 for me on the Whole 30 Challenge.  You can read more about it by going to the website (big clicky button in my right hand column), but basically, I am going to be challenging myself to a very strict, paleo, whole foods, clean-eating, whole living way of life for the next 30 days.

You know I've gone off and on the Paleo wagon about 27 times in my life (give or take) - but I've never really followed a set program or had a start and end goal like this is going to be.

I was away all weekend with friends and did not really get my act together and am not quite prepared in the grocery area which of course is the main thing here.  So I am going to have to make it through the work day and get straight to the grocery store after work.

I will be coming here to log a few things that are important during this time:

  • food
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • feelings (physical/emotional)
  • any other random notes for the day
What I will not be talking about until the end of the 30 days is:
  • weight gain/loss
There is NO weighing or measuring allowed until the end.



Totally woke up late for work this morning.  Naomi (my 9 year old) had a rough night and came to my bed and that woke me up at about 4:30 a.m.  I must have fallen back asleep after a while and the next thing you know it's 7 a.m.  That is what time I am supposed to be clocking in!! Oops.  Not a good start.  
Did not bring anything with me, but knew I had a chicken salad in the fridge.  Will eat that minus the dressing.  I also have an apple I can munch on with it.  That should hold me over until I get to Trader Joe's!
I tried having a cup of coffee black because you can not have any sort of sweetener.  You can have some coconut oil or coconut cream, but I didn't have any.
Couldn't do it.  Made it half way through the cup and decided that I felt like I was eating cigarette butts.  
We shall see with lunch...

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