Monday, April 20, 2015

Dietary Rumspringa...

Yeah. So I wanted my next post to be about movement and strength and exercise and... and...

Well, instead I have to need to stop and confess chat with you about something.

I was so confident, after such a bee-you-tee-ful Whole30, that I had kicked all of my food issues to the curb.  I mean I completed the program, with not one desire to cheat, nary a craving in sight.  I knew all the right words and ways to think about food and the vice that it can have on a person.  I had purposed in my heart that I would never again eat this or drink that and well, for some part, I've stayed true to that.

However, for one thing, I did not do the reintroduction that is designed to help you figure out to which foods you may be intolerant.  I decided I would just jump in and have some Pho and you know about that experience, but since then I've had other things like RICE (of course) and maybe some dairy and foods at a buffet that were "outwardly compliant", but only the good lord knows what they were marinated in or what they actually contained.  And there may have been a very yummy cookie that my mother-in-law brought us from Costco.  I refrained. At first.  But I only had one.  And then there was the taco guy at the retirement party. I could have totally skipped the tortillas and beans.  I could have said no to the ice cream cake... but I didn't.

Okay, I may not even be making sense and my grammar is probably out of control right now, but I am spilling my guts here.  Have mercy.  I know that most people would not think that I have any reason to feel guilty, 'cause hey - I'm not curently on Whole30.  But somehow, these bad CHOICES have made me feel like an Amish teenager on Rumspringa.

I knew that I would feel crappy after consuming some of these items and for over-indulging even on foods that may have been okay, and I ate it anyway.  I guess I'm writing this post to OWN my choices.  To kind of just say it out loud.  "I messed up.  I let the food control me."

So am I going to just throw in the towel? No. Am I going to wait until the 1st of the month to start over? No.  I am starting today. I know I have some special events coming up and sure, it would be easy to wait until those celebrations have passed, but I can't.  I don't want to.  I know that I need to take the control back.  Like Rumspringa - I have to make a decision.  Do I want to beat these bad life habits? Do I want to cut the negative emotional ties I have with food? YES!! I want to remind myself that the food I put in my body will either make me more healthy or less healthy.  It's that simple.  The work I do in my head and heart regarding how I feel about it all - that's something I will continue to work on.

So - I am going to post a photo from my first round of Whole 30.  I did not include this before and have not posted it publicly, except to a closed group of Whole30 peeps.  But I want to go ahead and post it because it reminds me of how hard I worked for my first round.  I posted about all of my "non-scale" victories, but now I am posting this.  It may not seem like a huge change, but it's a change and I want to keep going. I don't want to stall this and I don't want to go backwards.

It is my hope that I can be transparent to help motivate YOU and to also remind ME that I am capable of doing this!


  1. We should not feel bad about having treats, sometimes you eat them and then move on. SO much better then in the past where we would just throw it all out and then do a month of "bad".

    You got this! Keep going! I am proud of you!

    1. Exactly. Can't throw in the towel because of a choice here and there! We got this!

  2. Mind


    You are amazing. Keep it up. Don't undo what you've started. Love you sis.

  3. Thanks for the transparency which is not often easy. However, it does bring to light what a lot of us are battling in our daily choices. It is motivating to see your progress and some of your battles along with how you don't throw in the towel and keep going ! Thank you and keep at it.

    1. Thanks Ondray. I'm keeping at it!

  4. You got this sister. I have those battles every day. Lord knows Tostinos pizza has my heart. :/ but you inspire us all to continue to fight for healthy verses non healthy. I don't agree with NEVER eating a cookie here and there. It's what keeps us sane. Lol love you so much and so proud of your changes for a better you!

    1. Of course! Have a cookie. But then get back on track. Don't eat the whole pack of Oreos. Even if they are vegan. haha


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