Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Farmer's Market and a typical day of meals

So being on Whole 30 has made me appreciate the Farmer's Market even more than I already did - if that's possible.  Lately, I have been going to a very small one that is right in my city.  However, I plan to go to the Redlands Market Night soon. It is every Thursday, rain or shine.  It's practically like going to the fair and I don't think I need all of that right now, so our little one will do for now!

My favorite thing about going is the colorful produce.  It's amazing.  Tried red beets for the first time and loved them.
Bought a purple cabbage to make slaw and some other goodies and basically just add color and crunch to other dishes.
Bought more red beets and picked up some gold beets too!
This was my haul today.  Two new to me items: Fennel and golden beets.  Also picked up kumquats 'cause my Naomi was intrigued by them. Pastured eggs are always on the list and so is dinosaur kale!

Here is a sample of what my daily food could look like:
Meal 1 (Breakfast)
Here are some zucchini fritters I made for breakfast for the first time. Not bad.  Bought these zukes at Sprouts.
Meal 2: (Lunch) Left-overs from last night's dinner.
Grass fed seasoned ground beef, lettuce, avocado, olives (Taco Salad)
Meal 3: (Dinner)
Sweet potato, green beans (canned in water), asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and piece of roast chicken.
On Whole30 there is no "dessert" so I sometimes will have fruit at the end of my meal for something sweet.  This was cold honeydew melon with a bit of Tajin. (chili powder)

It may seem like a lot of food, but find something wrong with it.  I dare you! ;)

What does your day of meals look like?


  1. what are fritters? My meals go like this (normally) Wake up: coffee with creamer. Eat lunch between 12:30-1pm. Either left overs or something easy. Whatever it is my portion is small. Then dinner at 5:30. Tonight I had slow cooked pork loin, corn and white rice. I don't always have dessert but tonight I did. I had a slice of angel food cake with whipped cream and blue berries. I drink water mostly.

    1. Like pancakes. Coconut flour, egg... you know. like the Korean ones

  2. yesterday's dinner was chicken breast with green beans.

    1. Sounds good, but I would have gone with thigh. haha.


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